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If you become the victim of Identity Theft, chances are it will damage your finances and your good name. You won’t know the extent of the perpetrators actions and you may end up spending a lot of time and money mending the damage. Secure Person is an easy precautionary measure you cannot afford to be without. Install it on your smartphone today!

Identity Theft is any fraudulent use of your personal identifying information, by someone else, to obtain credit, get a loan, open a bank account, obtain an identification card and so forth.


Secure Person protects you and your family against identity theft.


Just add your details and Secure Person monitors the internet for your personal information.

Low price

Get continuous protection for a one time fee only. No subscription or signup required.

Secure Person

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing types of crime. Every day, all over the world, personal data found on the Internet is used to carry out criminal acts. Secure Person is an application that helps you and your family improve your security against identity theft by preventing that your sensitive information is available to others.

The story behind

The efforts to design this tool in the fight against cybercrime, started with a genuine desire to make individuals able to protect themselves and their family from having personal sensitive information leaked on the Internet, with the risk of abuse in identity theft. In addition to what has been published in the media before we started this project, we have, during the development of the solution, with concern, detected leaks from a large number of both public and private enterprises in several countries. There is also a lot of personal information that individuals in good faith have published on the Internet in the form of CVs, certificates, surveys, contracts, etc.
Identity thieves and others, who wish to use your information for criminal acts, already have the tools to obtain the information they need. Using Secure Person you’re ahead of the game and get the opportunity to remove information about yourself and your loved ones that should not be publicly available.

How it works

You install the application on your tablet or mobile phone and enter non sensitive information about yourself, such as your name. Secure Person then continuously works towards the detection and removal of any of your sensitive personal information that is publicly available. You will receive notifications during the process.


The solution has security procedures to prevent illegal use of the application. We do not disclose the location of any detected material until it is secured from public viewing. Illegal leaks are reported to the publisher if it is a reputable enterprise. They are also reported to Data Protection Supervisory Authority of the respective country.